Samara McNeer struggles with the thankless duty of easing her mom, Clair Hobson, over life’s potholes, both small and big. Those include a home that went up in smoke and a scam that wiped out her mother’s savings. Now a murder investigation threatens to trap them both.

When Clair is questioned, the detective assumes her quirky behaviors are sure signs of guilt. In 2008, no one thinks to look for autism in a 56-year-old woman getting by passably. Unfortunately, Samara’s rescue attempts sink Clair deeper into suspicion. And the cops aren’t alone watching mother and daughter… There’s a killer eyeing them from the shadows.

Clair’s a keen observer, but shuts down when stressed. Sam has a dogged drive to find the truth, yet sometimes overlooks telling details. Can they combine their strengths to unmask the murderer before it’s too late?