If you’ve looked at my Books page and were surprised to find only two unpublished books there, you’ve learned the first thing about me. I’m an optimist determined to make things happen. Strange for an introvert who’s nearly on Medicare, but I figure, why not?

While growing up in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, I hated tomatoes almost as much as I did reading (afraid I’d never remember every detail that would be on the inevitable test). However, after ending my schooling with a degree in Psychology from Duke University, something changed. I fell in love with the very things I’d detested. After three decades of working with computers (writing programs, designing business applications, and building data warehouses) I’ve turned all my attention to playing with words. I’m an active member of James River Writers, Virginia Writers Club, and Poetry Society of Virginia. Over the past five years, my nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have won sixteen awards, including one for a short excerpt from Twice upon a Trip.

When I’m not writing at my desk, you might see me racewalking through my neighborhood in suburban Richmond, Virginia, or spending time with my husband, our grown children and three amazing grandchildren. The oldest, though still a preschooler, is teaching me how far you can go armed with little more than a fierce determination to succeed.

Recent Publications and Prizes:

“This Haunting Ruin,” a photo and short vignette in Richmond Times-Dispatch’s “Your Best Shot” column on Sunday, January 19, 2014, online at http://www.timesdispatch.com/entertainment-life/travel/your-best-shot/your-best-shot-this-haunting-ruin/article_55583d5d-c2f0-53c6-b930-aa5ba5f729b0.html

The poem “Twister” in The Quotable, Issue 12, available in print and online at http://issue12.thequotablelit.com/poetry/twister/

The poem “At the Edge” in “30 Days of Poetry” in the online journal The New Poet, at http://www.thenewpoet.blogspot.com/2014/04/judy-witt.html

The poem “Afire” (1st place winner of the 2013 Summer Shorts Writing Contest) on page 58 of the Virginia Writers Club, Inc. Virtual Anthology, at http://www.virginiawritersclub.org/Resources/Documents/VWC%202013%20Virtual%20Anthology%20V3.pdf

A book excerpt: “Twice upon a Trip” in the October 2014 issue of hippocampus magazine, an online journal of creative nonfiction, at http://www.hippocampusmagazine.com/2014/10/twice-upon-a-trip-by-judy-whitehill-witt/

The poem “Breakers” in the Fall 2014 issue of Atlanta Review.

The poem “Things That Made Me Laugh” won one of RhymeZone’s 2014-2015 Poetry Prizes, as seen at http://www.rhymezone.com/contest/

The poem “Gazing into Google’s Crystal Map” (winner of honorable mention) in the anthology Rhyme On, by the Symington Press

The poem “A 21-line Salute to Arlington” in the 2015 issue of Virginia Literary Journal, as seen at http://www.virginialiteraryjournal.com/read-now.html