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Twice upon a Trip: His Story in History, My Story and a Mystery takes readers on an offbeat tour of Europe with two guides: a young American from a fledgling country, only a bit player on the world stage, and a mature American from the country that now stars on that stage.

When I turned sixteen, my aunt placed a mystery in my hands.

Our two journals from 1831 and 2008
Our two journals: from 1831 and 2007

Forty years later, I finally solved it. No one knew who penned the travel diary she’d found in my grandmother’s attic. This faded journal, a tale of a young American’s tour through western Europe in 1831, held a treasure-trove of history in the making. Using the eloquent writer as my guide, in 2007 I retraced every step of his trail. Twice upon a Trip weaves our two adventures—nearly two centuries apart—into one, while piecing together a portrait of my unseen escort, clue by discovered clue.

As I traveled, I sensed him nudging me toward something I was about to overlook, waiting for me to discover his name. I didn’t disappoint him. If a miniseries, it might be called “Who Do You Think He Was?”

An excerpt from the opening pages appears online in hippocampus magazine: